Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Propaganda Video Removed.

On Monday, I posted a video which I first saw on Creative Minority Report showing the depths Houston Votes had sunk to with propaganda to scare Latinos into voting for Democrats.

In the video ad, a policeman approaches an Hispanic young man, questions him about his place of birth and asks for "documents" to prove he is here legally.

In a comment for that post, Al said,
"Maybe I am missing something but what does the "fill out theirs" mean."
I was going to take a look at the video again to see if I could explain what the "fill out theirs" statement on the video means. It was then that I learned that the video had been removed from the vimeo website.

It was removed about five hours after I posted the video. I doubt that my obscure blog played any role in it's removal; many more people read Creative Minority Report.

At any rate, the ad stepped on someone's toes and was taken down.......so far, I haven't been able to locate a copy anywhere else. I'll keep looking.


Al said...

I've tried looking myself but I have never seen a video so completely vanish as this 1 has.

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