Tuesday, July 13, 2010

An Example of ABC's Propaganda.

ABC news gives yet another example why fewer Americans are relying on the - so-called - mainstream media for their news.

It this video, we see ABC accurately reporting that 6 in 10 Americans support the Arizona immigration law and oppose the Obama administration's law suit. However, rather than show us the 6 in 10, ABC choose to show protests by the minority who don't agree with the Arizona law.

People will be more impressed by what they see over the spoken word. Far too many will see this politically slanted video and erroneously believe the protesters to be in the majority.

I believe we can rightly call this video, not objective journalism, but rather political propaganda.


Al said...

This reminds me of an article our local paper wrote a few weeks ago about the changes at a Catholic parish across the river in Platteville. the Bishop has assigned some new priests to clean up the longstanding mess. The paper admitted that it was just some people upset. But it was only those who opposed the Bishop that were interviewed. nothing from those who supported the Bishop & why he was right in doing what he did. Just the unhappy dissidents who were no longer getting their way.

& the MSM wonders why it is lossing people? People are getting sick of them claiming objectivity while showing their bias as this ABC piece.

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