Monday, July 12, 2010

Forty Days in the Desert.

Since June 13 of this year, a group has gathered at the corner of Roeser Road and Central Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona to pray the Rosary as part of a campaign called "Forty Days in the Desert".

According to the website, the purpose of the Rosary is to "develop a solution for the Arizona and National Immigration Debate".

Unfortunately, it seems as if these people are praying that the Blessed Mother will support them in their law breaking. Their "solution" would be for those now classified as illegals be granted amnesty. One need only read the notes on the group's Facebook page to see what solutions suit them.

In the notes for July,11 the 29th day of the Rosary, there is this regarding Arizona's governor Jan Brewer,
"Governor Brewer, please do not let your legacy be the extreme end of the immigration debate. You have the momentum to use your words and your actions to help shape immigration on a national level. Immigration reform must not be used to punish families. Please, do not let people remember you as the Anti-Mexican Governor; we know you are better than all this rhetoric."

So, enforcing Federal Immigration law is "the extreme end of the immigration debate". Brewer is called "the Anti-Mexican Governor" because she is against illegal immigration. It goes on "we know you are better than all this rhetoric". Sadly, if anyone is spouting rhetoric, it's the "Forty Days in the Desert" group.

The recurring theme of the group's postings is "FAMILIES MUST NEVER BE SEPARATED. Not by policy, politics or punishment!"
These families are separated because someone in the family choose to break U.S. immigration law by entering the country illegally. I wonder why this very same group hasn't prayed that the Mexican government improve the lives of it's citizens so they each person living in that country can take care of his or her family in the country of their birth. It appears that it is the policy of the Mexican government to get as many people as possible into the United States by whatever means necessary. That is the "easiest" solution for that government, though it can hardly be called the best solution for the people of Mexico or the United States.


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