Thursday, August 12, 2010

Reprieve for Yves Gomes.

Yves Gomes was 14 months old when his parents brought him to the U.S. to visit relatives.

Although here only on a tourist visa, Robin and Cecilia Gomes decided to remain in this country illegally. The 14th month old baby is now a 17 year old young man who has lived his live as an American.

His 15 year brother is in fact a U.S. citizen, having been born here.

To make a long story short, Yves' parents have been deported - the father to Bangladesh - the mother to India. It looked as if the boy would be deported as well, to a country he hasn't been to since he was an infant.

He has a reprieve and can remain here while his case is being looked into.

As pointed out in the Washington Post, Gomes situation is in sharp contrast to the story of Carlos A. Martinelly-Montano, who is charged with killing a nun and injuring two others in Prince William County while driving drunk.

Below, we have two videos which might be called the before and after videos.

I understand that Robin and Cecilia Gomes were here illegally and sadly, the decision to deport them was right. Their son, for all intents and purposes is an American and should be allowed to stay and become a legal citizen.

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