Thursday, August 5, 2010

OK......Let's Be Honest.

Below, I've included a copy of a photo which I received in an email recently. In the photo, we see a gathering which appears to be some sort of demonstration. The people in the photo appear to be Hispanic and though we see a few American flags, there are no Mexican flags in sight. The lack of Mexican flags seems a bit out of place for a demonstration of Mexicans in the U.S..

In the forefront, we can read one sign very plainly. It reads;

"Give us free health care jobs - no taxes
house food you owe us America !
We will shoot more policemen in Arizona until we get free!"

I've looked at this photo over and over and it's my opinion that it has been photoshopped. I honestly believe that the sign the man is carrying had something else written on it originally and what we see is the handiwork of someone with limited ability in doctoring photos.

First of all, the lighting is odd. Although it is difficult to make out the faces of the three men in the front, due to poor exposure, the lighting on the sign is very clear and bright.

Blowing up the photo, the lettering shows pixelation that is more consistent with someone having added the lettering to a preexisting photo. On close inspection, the lettering does not look as if it was painted onto a life sized poster.

If this photo has been doctored, as I expect it has, it does not help either side in the argument over illegal immigration. Both sides need to approach this situation honestly - with no manipulation of images or distortion of facts. We all need to speak the truth.


Al said...

Robert, I agree with your assessment. Something just doesn't look right with the lighting. & not just with the faces or the sign. Look at the sign to the left, the back looks like it is in bright sunlight. Yet the sign to the right looks like it isn't even though it is facing the same way.

I don't know which side this is suppose to help, or hurt, but if it is fake as you suspect then in the end it doesn't help anyone & just creates more distrust instead.

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